Crazy Perfect Quote Friendship Card Pack with Blank Inside


Crazy Perfect Quote Friendship Cards and Envelopes, Blank Inside, Regular posage. Includes 10 cards, 2 each of 5 different designs.

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Each Crazy Perfect Quote Friendship Card pack comes with a total of 10 cards, 2 copies each of 5 different individual cards and envelopes. They’re printed on quality paper and are blank inside for you to write a short message. Each card has a different message, perfect for giving to your crazy perfect friends.

Message on cards include:

  • Friends make everything better.
  • Living is an art. Mold your life into the picture you want. Give yourself the freedom to figure out what direction feels right. Enjoy the process. Create your masterpiece.
  • The best things in life can’t be bought. They have to be felt. Like love and friendship and happiness. Thank you for being my friend.
  • My Dear Friend: I wanted to tell you I miss you. Sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t talk. That doesn’t change how I feel about you. You’re my friend, and you always will be.
  • Expect good things to happen.


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